Finding Your Binding

Whether it's a quarterly report or an operations manual, how you bind your project can leave a lasting impact on the reader. At Copycats we offer a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to "finding your binding". Below are some tips on the different styles of bindings we offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 212-557-2111 or email and speak to our service representatives.

Saddle-Stitch Binding

Saddle-stitched books are sheets of paper folded together and stapled on the spine. Great for small booklets like event programs, or informational booklets. The low cost of this type of binding is ideal for large print runs. Saddle-stitched book covers can be made with the same paper as the interior pages or different heavier card stock for a more professional feel. A folded sheet of paper has 4 pages so you need to have a page count divisible by 4. Plank pages may need to be inserted to if not enough pages are printed.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding can add that professional touch to your printed book that other types of binding don't offer. In addition to having a printed covers if your book contains enough pages, the spine of a perfect bound book can offer information when stacked or displayed on a bookshelf. One downside of perfect-bound books is that they aren’t very durable. Covers for perfect bind books are made from heavier card stock than the interior pages. Don’t perfect-bind workbooks that will be used repeatedly. Think of paperback books that you’ve lent out that return with broken spines.

Coil Binding

The most durable books are bound with plastic coil. Coil binding is ideal for workbooks, course books and reports that will be passed through many different hands. The pages can rotate 360 degrees and not affect the integrity of the spine. The coils also come in a variety of colors offering a visual pop to your documents. Plastic coils bounce back after being crushed.

Square-Back Saddle Stitch Binding

A square-back saddle-stitched bind will allow the booklet to lay flatter than a regular saddle-stitched booklet. The square spine gives an appearance closer to perfect binding.

Square back binding is an affordable solution in-between saddle stitching and perfect binding, offering the security of a saddle-stitched spine with the improved appearance of a perfect bound square spine. Add a level of sophistication and polish to your projects without the significant price tag of perfect binding. One of the biggest advantages to choosing square back binding is the ability to produce short run quantities.


Wire-O Binding

Wire-o binds are great for presentations. The delicate metal rings look elegant and the books open completely flat. Choose from a variety of colors. Uses include pitch-books, lookbooks, & proposals.

Velo Binding

Velo binds are mainly used for court filings. Many courts require them because they stack neatly and you can’t remove or add pages without special equipment. Unfortunately, they don’t open flat.

Tape Binding

Tape binding is a quick way to approximate a Perfect bind. The tape has a heat-melt glue that holds the pages in place, and the spine doesn’t show the binding elements like mechanical binds do. 

Three-Hole Binding

Three Hole Binding is great for books and projects that may have additional pages added or updated later. Like the binders used in grade school, three hole bindings are great for course books. If you have your own binder already available, holes can be punched in almost any document to be added to a binder. At an additional cost binders can be provided with new printed materials.